Greendance Film Festival

The Greendance Film Festival is his Saturday, April 24th.

Brought to you by the Institute for Sustainable Development at CSU, Chico, the Greendance Film Festival is a day-long event showcasing a broad range of films related to environmental awareness and sustainable development.

New to the festival this year (and a very bright idea), Greendance will be available to you in the comfort of your own home! In order to minimize the festival's carbon footprint and provide multiple venues in an ecologically sensible way, The Institute for Sustainable Development has partnered with KIXE TV and VideoRanch3D to broadcast select films on air and online. If you are living in the greater North State area simply tune in to KIXE TV on Saturday to watch Greendance films from on your television. If you are in Botswana, Budapest, Benicia or anywhere else outside of KIXE TV's broadcasting range simply go to and watch select films on your computer.

And of course, because a film festival wouldn't be a festival if it didn't have a live screening, the actual Greendance Film Festival will be held at the Harlan Adams Theater this Saturday, April 24th between 10:00-7:00 PM.

For a complete list of films, including those that will be available through KIXE TV and VideoRanch3d, visit Greendance Film Festivals website.

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