Chico Releases Draft of 2030 General Plan


The City of Chico has released the new 2030 General Plan to the public for review and comment. Updated approximately every 20 years, the General Plan is a “statement of the community’s priorities to guide public decision making” by providing “...a comprehensive, long-range and internally consistent policy framework for the growth and preservation of Chico”.

New to the General Plan is a Chapter dedicated entirely towards the sustainable growth and development of Chico. This chapter addresses the ways Chico can efficiently improve the environment, economy and social equity in Chico over the next 20 years. The inclusion of an entire chapter on Sustainability marks a milestone in the City of Chico’s dedication to responsible development. By including Sustainable measures in the future development of Chico, the City establishes an innovative and leading role amongst Northern California communities.

To review and comment on the new General Plan visit the 2030 General Plan website at, view it at the Butte County or CSU, Chico Library, or pick it up on a CD at the Planning Services Department on the second floor of the Chico Municipal Building at 411 Main Street. Comments are accepted until June 31st.

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